First of all: Helen Blumenfeld unfortunately is not my real name – Marlene is.
But you can still call me Helen, this name is as old as my presence on the internet. If I recall correctly I’ve already used it on MySpace and then it kinda stuck. I’m just telling you this because there’s always a big confusion when people see my email signature OR the url to my website OR my doorbell. 
I’ve studied Freie Bildende Kunst (yes it’s German) at Kunsthochschule Mainz and am now officially an Artist.
As you can probably tell, I’m a native German speaker, but for the sake of accessibility I’ve decided to publish most of my content in English – if you’ve got any questions you can always message me in German though.

I mostly do tattoos aka permanent, evolving drawings with humans, and also photography (generally of humans).

If youre interested in starting a project of either nature with me dont hesitate to write me (you’ll find my e-mail address in the imprint).

Thank you so much for passing by and I hope you enjoy your visit here!